Food List That Effects Your Sleep: Good and Bad

We all love to take that much-needed beauty sleep. But do what we do when we just can't fall into that beautiful dream world?  Whatever we are doing in the day, in the night we just want to lay in our bed and fall asleep ASAP, don't you agree?

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I have had this sleeping problem myself for some time now. So here is a list of foods I am trying to avoid before sleeping, not only for sleeping purposes, but also it is much healthier to eat well rather than eating late. Plus you have to remember that saying Eat breakfast yourself, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy. 

BTW breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the fuel for your body, and it shouldn't be skipped because our brains work automatically in this case. After some time the brain may start to think that it is permanent and it will start making energy from all things you eat. Energy is fat so it will make fat reserves on your body, usually belly.  

List of food you should try to avoid after 9 pm:

  • No-no ice cream. Eating late is bad for you itself, but eating sugary, creamy food - double bad! That stands for milk too- lactose is a sugar and you don't want large amounts hitting your system before bed. If you're one of the three U.S. adults who are glucose intolerant, the resulting blood sugar crash could wake you in the middle of the night.
  • Spicy foods. While spicy things can be healthy and lovely when made with the right mix of ingredients, before bed - it is not. Making matters worse after 9 p.m, spicy food may end up causing heartburn and making it harder for your belly. And who would want to burn up before sleeping?
  • Chocolate. Milk, dark, light. Whatever. You should stay further away from it anyway because chocolate is actually a source of caffeine y'all know that caffeine ain't no good. Dark chocolate has 20 milligrams of caffeine, about the same as half an ounce of espresso
  • Meat. I would recommend for everyone to avoid meat after 9 pm but rather 6 pm. Some protein is definitely required before bed and a must, but right before the sleepy time, it could cause you to lie in bed awake...
  • Alchohol.  Although it may seem like a good idea it is not. It may even cause you to wake up multiple times in the night also it can disrupt your natural sleep pattern and we would not want to risk that.
  • Junk food. The worst kinda food you could ever eat! Sometimes we all have a little Big Mac or a slice of pizza but junk food contains far too many calories to have this close to bedtime. Also getting an extra dose of both carbohydrates and a large amount of saturated fat which will just sit in your stomach as you lie awake in bed at night is a shortcut to gaining some extra weight.
  • Coffee. Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant. For some people it is nothing, but I wold never fall asleep if would drink coffee past 7 pm. 
  • Green and black tea. It is said that green tea is equal a cup of coffee and black tea is even more than a regular cup of coffee. Do you really want to stick your body with caffeine right before bedtime? I don't think so. You should rather drink some sleep teas - specially meant for relaxing and making you fell sleepy.
  • Fruit juices. Citrus, apple e.t.c. Very sugary, not good for your sleep schedule. If you want something fruity try eating some soft fruit instead, such as apple or banana.


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But what can you eat before bed?

  • Bananas. Bananas contain potassium and magnesium as well as carbs that will make you sleepy. Although there is sugar, bananas are healthy so there shouldn't be any weight gain if you eat them before sleep. 
  • Cherries. Do you know what is melatonin? It is a chemical that helps control our body’s internal clock. Drinking cherry juice ( one in the morning, one in the evening) resulted in small improvements in sleep duration and quality in adults who suffered from] insomnia. Worth a shot, huh?
  • Sweet potato. They provide sleep-promoting complex carbohydrate as well as that muscle-relaxant potassium. Of course, do not eat a steak or a cream sauce with them!
  • Soup. The warm liquid can be calming and even relaxing. But choose smooth soups like vegetable soups not spicy. 
  • Turkey. It is good for your weight as well as it can make you sleepy due to a chemical - tryptophan that makes you a little bit sleepier. If you have some serious sleeping problems it will probably not help you, but it can give you a small push. 

All and all there are many things you must avoid and may things you can eat. But I would recommend not to eat 2-4 hours before sleeping so your body can take care of all that food before bedtime. That would help with diet too. 

Eating as good as possible is very important for your health in general and it can have a good impact on your sleeping patterns and schedule.

You should plan ahead, do your best to get your well deserved 7 to 9 hours beauty sleep! You have earned it!  You should be the best mom, wife, girlfriend or anything that you can be and that means that you must take care of yourself in many ways!

Yours, Eva

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