Know How to Avoid Overeating While Holidays

Food tips for holidays

"Am I the only one who overeats at those sweet Holidays?"

I have seen myself eating way too much of delicious food and snacks but not because I want to but because I just cannot stop! So I eat too much and afterward I am so tired and frustrated and I am blaming myself for eating too much..ugh, not the feeling I would want to experience again! But time has gone by, I have noticed my problem, done research and gathered a few tips for not overeating at the holidays. And of course, we all know that wrong eating also interferes with sleep. 

Also, it is very important to not forget about your sleep schedule during and right after the holidays. One sleepless night won't break your schedule, but two may have a bad impact on your sleep pattern.

Follow these tips:

  • Did you know that you can eat healthy AND tasty? You can still make a wonderful family dinner wich is completely fine to eat. For example, you can eat a big bowl of salads rather than one portion of some other heavy food and still feel good about yourself.
  • Swap out regular potatoes for sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes are a far healthier option for you than regular potatoes. If you’re craving mashed taters, make em sweet!
  • Hydrate as much as you can! No matter what you’re drinking at dinner, have a big glass of water as well, but rather just water.
  •  Eat before the party! If you know you’re headed to a party with a bunch of unhealthy foods, eat something healthy before. That will help to balance that alcohol intake as well!
  • Don't forget that family dinners are more than one course! First, comes the main dish, after the cake and then the snacks. Don't get full from the first part.
  • Concentrate on the people, not the food! You are not there to eat but to communicate with your family!
  • Sample only the special stuff. You have to taste just a pinch of everything not a whole piece of cake or dessert. And you can taste only the best looking, homemade food.
  • Listen to your body before, during, and after you eat. Think well before eating something. WHY do you want to eat this cookie? You are hungry or the cookie just looks good?
  • It's a wonderful time! Go for a walk! Rather than staying in and eating snacks.
  • After all love yourself. No matter how much you eat during the holiday, remember that you are awesome and you look gorgeous! 
  • One bad meal does not make you gain weight. After you eat one bad meal you should eat at least a few good one to balance it out.

Serve healthy:

Also, it is best for your diet if YOU are hosting the party. I know, I know... A lot of work, preparing, responsibilities e.t.c  BUT you can choose what to put on that table plus you physically do not have the time to sit and eat everything there is! Also, you have the opportunity to do good for your parents, friends, siblings and other family members by hosting healthy and fresh food! And here are few examples how you can switch the bad food for the healthy one!

  • Juice -> Water.Basic, right? But an essential, no sugar in water while a ton in that sweet apple or orange juice!
  • Peanut butter -> Almond butter. Too many oils and sugar in that delicious peanut butter, plus you can let your taste buds to get used to healthy tastes.
  • Mashed potatoes -> Mashed cauliflower. A pinch of garlic and onions and the perfect side dish is served!
  • Salt -> Hymalai crystal salt. Hymalai salt contains minerals and it is more natural than the one we are used to seeing in the store. 
  • Candy -> Frozen grapes. You can also try frozen watermelon, bananas, strawberries. Much healthier and more natural. Plus it is so original, that your family will love it too!
  • Vegetable oil -> Coconut oil. Coconut oil can help your weight loss, but really high-quality olive oil is good for you too. 
  • French fries in oil -> French fries in coconut oil. Just try and search online for coconut oil benefits, trust me, you will like what you will see.
  • Sours cream -> Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has fewer calories and more of that good stuff - proteins e.t.c 

These are just a few examples. It is that easy to switch from bad oils and sodas to waters and more protein. After all, this is all in your head. Don't get worried too much, definitely about such things as diets and your weight. Just be healthy and happy! And of course, sleep well!  A healthy lifestyle involves eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and managing stress effectively. Making these healthy choices every day can affect your physical and mental state, but it can also increase both the length and quality of your life by boosting your immunity to disease. Good reasons to stay healthy while holidays? I think so. 

And staying healthy means not only eating well but for your sleep as well, you just have to remember these few guidelines.

Extra tips to remember:

  • Don't continue to eat until late. If the dinner starts at 6 p.m you should probably finish eating at 8 or 9 p.m
  • Count your drinks and sweets. Alcohol has a bad influence on your sleep as well as candy and other sweets do. 
  • Drink you sleep tea.  And do not do to your bed with a full stomach.

Wish you luck and happy holidays!

Your, Eva

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