About sleeping pills..

Sleeping pills are never meant for constant using, but only critical situations.

Drinking them alone hs some really dark side effects let alone drinking them while using alcohol.  I know this so well because one of my teachers from primary school overdosed and died a few years ago. That was a big shock to all of us, although we knew there was something odd about her and just recently I found out the whole story.

It turned out my teacher, let's call her Annie (name changed ofc) witnessed her husband die in a car crash, while she was sitting next to him. So it was nothing unexpected when she started to act weird on classes. Later I found out she was using lots and lots of sleeping pills, at first not even with alcohol, but we could still see the difference from what she used to be. Now she was depressed, pathetic, apathetic, it felt like she was always somewhere else, not in the room with us. It was sad to watch her get some miserable. 

First, you need to understand that I am very angry. Annie was my first and favorite teacher. Annie thought me how to not draw the Sun in the corner of the page and how to make snowflakes from paper. Before the accident, Annie was the happiest person I've ever met - always smiling and laughing.  I can still remember how she used to laugh! And I am angry, truly angry that she gave up. It's sad that no one helped her at that critical moment and even after. 

Although is hard enough to tell if someone is using sleeping pills. At first even impossible to tell. It especially if you know that the someone has a particular reason to act unusually.

Things you need to know about sleeping pills!

  • How do they work?

The sleep medication work specifically on the brain to promote tiredness and drowsiness. They may relieve sedatives to calm you before sleeping and make the time while you fall asleep much shorter.

  • Can you become addicted? 

Anyone can become addicted to sleeping aids and pills. Statistically in 2012 9million Americans were using sleeping pills on daily basis. From them, many were hospitalized and 21% had even thought about suicide! Terrible, huh? Not to be free from some pills! 

  • How many are too many? 

I would say that if you are taking them more than few times a year for some really abnormal situations, such as weddings e.t.c, then you are already taking too may. But if you just can't fall asleep without them, then you should seek some professional help immediately! Like no joking, call them right now! LIKE RIGHT NOW!

  • Why should you never mix them with the alcohol?

First of all. Haven't we all heard stories that we should never ever mix those two togheter? I have! It is the time that we listen to our parents, grandparents, aunts, teachers or whom ever told you that "don't mix booze with the pills"! Combining booze and sleeping pills is a kind of Russian roulette. You don't know what you'll get at the end of the day. You may even die or fall into a comma.


  • Physical side effects?

Hangover in the day after.

Burning in your stomach.




Daytime drowsiness.


Uncontrollable shaking. 



  • Psychological side effects?

Unusual dreams.


Suicidal thoughts.

Problems with attention.

Problems with memory.

Mood swings.





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