photoshoot of Burmess 2017 in Latvian forestfounder of Burmess

We believe nature has the key to health!

Going through our everyday life we can see that so many health products are pure chemicals. But it's well known for thousands of years that nature has plenty of solutions to chose from. Our body is sensitive to many kinds of stimulants including plants. Let's all be smarter and find how nature can help us.

Founded in Riga, Latvia

Me (Daniels Vitols) and my lovely partner founded Burmess.com not by accident but by necessity. We both live in Riga, Latvia (Latvia is a small country in Europe. The simplest way to describe Latvia is - very patriotic, friendly and with very good taste in design). The reason, why I wanted to start a company, is to show the world that sleeping pills are not the answer. I have been using pills for years and they just didn’t work. I tried so many solutions and was tired of putting chemicals into my body. Then my girlfriend at the time introduce me to relaxing teas and they had some result. After experimenting with different combinations we found key ingredients that help with Deep Sleep and now I don’t even consider using sleeping pills. These were beginnings and now we are here with Burmess.com to share results.

How we tackle health?

We know that, for us to be successful we have to test our products on many people, so we know for sure it helps you sleep better. We have tried many variants of tea and after many tests product is here. We will still continue to test new ingredients and change recipe as it is far from perfect, but almost all we know who have tried our Deep Sleep tea can feel results.